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App - Start on a route a random place

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 @ 13:12

After having found a route it is possible to either navigate to the start point of the route or enter the route on a random place. 

The function to start riding the motorcycle route becomes valuable if you make a stop and turn off the navigation on the SmartPhone or you have found a route you just want to partial ride.

First find the tour you want to ride.

motorcycle map app


After pressing on the "GO" button you are asked whether you would like to navigate to the beginning of the route or not.

how to plan a motorcycle ride


Here is shown how it looks like if choosing "Yes", so you will be navigated to the beginning of the route.

best motorcycle route app


If you chose "No" then the route is shown on the map and the navigation is inactive. You must find your own way to the place on the route you want to ride from.

The navigation becomes active once the motorcyclist enters the route on a random place. Then the motorcycle navigation will guide you towards the end point.

motorcycle route app



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