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TomTom - how to transfer a motorcycle tour

Sunday, September 13, 2020 @ 05:07

When connecting your TomTom Rider 40/400/500/550 to your computer to transfer a route, you need to enable the communication mode on the GPS. 

The TomTom Rider can only receive route files if the communication mode is enabled. This FAQ will guide how to enable the communication mode.


  1. Connect the computer and TomTom Rider with a USB cable. The Rider will start up.
    gpx motorcycle routes
  2. When the Rider is connected to the PC, this screen will appear. Push "Import routes".
    After pressing "Import routes" the GPS now connects with the computer and it is possible to transfer routes.
    how to plan a motorcycle ride
  3. Now this screen appears
    Important - DO NOT press "Done".
    When this screen is shown it is possible to transfer routes in your file manager.
    TomTom Rider
  4. Now use Tourstart Transfer to transfer the routes.

  5. Then the data on Rider will be read automatically, and the below info screen will appear on the Rider informing:

    Routes found. Do you want to import those routes? Then click "Import routes"

    TomTom Rider route transfer from Tourstart
  6. Select the routes which shall be imported Click on the routes which you want to import.
    maps for motorcycle rides
  7. Import successfully.
    All the selected routes were imported. TomTom Rider route transfer from Tourstart


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