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GPS - Route settings

Sunday, September 13, 2020 @ 06:35

The settings on the GPS device used shall always be "Fastest route" type. 

Here is the explanation. When a route on Tourstart.org is to be calculated between two points, a standard algorithm is used. Let us call this algorithm "Type 1 - Fastest Route".

This algorithm "Type 1 - Fastest Route" is more or less similar to the standard algorithm used by Garmin and TomTom and other manufacturers of motorcycle GPS.

As to make a great motorcycle route you want to ride on the small twisty roads. As to go there, you can add drag points or via points. The route between those points are calculated with the "Type 1 - Fastest Route".

When transferring the route to the GPS device, the route is re-calculated. This is normal. Your GPS device should be set to use the same type of route calculation - "Fastest route". This will ensure the route you made on Tourstart.org are as similar as possible when displayed on the GPS. 

NOTE - if the route on the GPS is not similar to the one made on Tourstart.org, then you should add more drag/via points on the route, and transfer it one more time to the GPS.

Garmin Zumo 660

Route preference: Faster time

garmin zumo 660


TomTom Rider 550

Always plan this type of route: Fastest route

tomtom rider 550

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