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Web - Tourstart Tour Optimizer "TTO"

Monday, November 9, 2020 @ 05:11

Tourstart Tour Optimizer - called TTO - is developed to support you in focusing on creating the perfect motorcyle tour. TTO continiuously evaluates details of each drag point or via point you set on the map and helps you optimise the route.

Problems solved

TTO solves the problems:

  • Have you ever tried that a point on your motorcycle route is just a few meters down the side road?
    -no more U-turns on your motorcycle rides
  • Wanted to avoid highways and ferries?
    -tick off and never see this again on your rides
  • How is your relationship with unpaved roads?
    -love them or just want to avoid them?
    Now you can get them highlighted and make your own choice
  • Ever had a different route after transfer it to a Garmin Zumo or TomTom Rider?
    -the intelligent shaping points added to the routes makes this problem vanish

How it is done

The problem mentions above are solved by TTO as it contains of the following motorcycle route planning tools:

  • Correct Via Point
  • Correct Drag Point
  • Auto drag to route
  • Highlight unpaved roads
  • Avoid highway
  • Avoid ferry
  • Add shaping points


Tourstart Tour Optimizer

The TTO menu contains of three elements

  1. OPTIMIZE ALL button
  2. Enabled , disabled or personalized settings
  3. Settings - which are the drop down

Tourstart Tour Optimizer panel


Open the settings to If you enable "Correct via point", "Correct drag point" or "Auto drag to route" then those points are not optimized when click on "OPTIMIZE ALL".

Further it is possible to select your preferences on the route options and the route shaping points.

Tourstart Tour Optimizer

Using the Tourstart Tour Optimizer ensures you take the best motorbike route. When navigating using the Tourstart app or your Garmin Zumo or TomTom Rider, you are sure to stay on the planned route and no side road de-tours occur.

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