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Web - How to make a tour public

Sunday, September 13, 2020 @ 07:02

You can share your motorcycle tour with other motorcyclists in different ways. This FAQ explains how you can make the tour public for all users of www.tourstart.org

Other options for sharing a tour are covered in other FAQ's.

Required information

You only need to do the following as to make a motorcycle tour public

  1. Select public
  2. Define tour characteristic
  3. Add picture(s) and some text

How to make a public motorcycle tour


1) Select public

Click on the keylock to open for privacy settings. Then click on "Public tour"

Public motorcycle tours


In the "Public Tour" you click on "All Tourstart users". Hereby all users on Tourstart can view and enjoy the tour.

Select public tour


2)  Define tour characteristic

Select characteristics of the tour:


road trip share

3) Add picture(s) and some text

Add at least one picture. Nothing says more than a nice picture followed by some explanation.

Then all motorcyclists can easily see what a great motorcycle ride you had and they can get the same good experience.

Twisty roads motorcycle

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