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Friday, February 1, 2019 @ 04:52

When the created tour is to be saved on Tourstart, you have different options:

  • Private tour, which only your can see
  • Share the tour with specific Tourstart friends
  • Public, so other Tourstart users also can enjoy the ride
  • Share the tour on a BikeClub
  • Share the tour on a BikerBed

When pressing "Save and add more information" once the motorcycle route is made, you will see the below picture where you can/should add some text about the motorcycle ride and upload some pictures.

If the route is saved as Public then you must select one or more of the icons showing the characteristics about the route, indicating:

  • Scenic
  • Mountain
  • Seaside
  • Twisted or
  • Straight

Further, you must insert at least one picture for public tours. Here you need to pay attention to using pictures from the internet or other webpages, as they are per default protected by Copyright. Ask the owner of the picture and you will find most people are kind and will give you permission for the use.

Please note - the best pictures are taken by you as they are more personal and we might  be so lucky to see you and your motorcycle in the picture.

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