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Garmin - Wireless transfer from a tablet or phone to a Garmin Navigator

Sunday, September 6, 2020 @ 06:05
It is possible to transfer a route wireless from your tablet or phone to those Garmin GPS devices which can receive tours using the wireless technology. 
The video - which is made by Ole who is a dediceted Tourstart user - shows you which steps you have to go through, and it is important to notice that you can use your standard Tourstart PRO – “Transfer GPS” subscription for this. This subscription you will be able to achieve on www.tourstart.org/pro.
Open your browser on your tablet or phone and go to www.tourstart.org. Then you are ready to watch the video, and you can have your motorcycle tours transferred to the Garmin GPS device.
The Garmin device in this video is a Garmin zūmo® 590 LM.
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