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Tourstart Transfer - Transfer motorcycle route to any gps

Sunday, March 12, 2017 @ 07:24

Tourstart Transfer

Tourstart Transfer works like a shopping basket.

Here you add motorcycle tours you want to transfer. You can add as many motorcycle trips as you want to, and then make the transfer one time only, so your motorcycle route planning can begin. 

In Tourstart Transfer you will see different tabs. The content of those tabs are:

  • Download - Tours chosen to be downloaded
  • History - Previous motorcycle tours you downloaded
  • My Tours - All your tours
  • Friends tours - Select to see tours from a specific friend

maps for motorcycle rides


Download tours using Tourstart Transfer

After you have found a tour you shall press on the button "Add to download" and the tour will be added for later download.

twisty motorcycle roads

When you are ready to download, you just press on the "Tourstart Transfer" icon in the header. Here are listed the tours which you added to download. Just press "Start transfer" and the process of having your tours transferred to the motorcycle GPS will start. 

best motorcycle trip app

"Tourstart Transfer" for transferring motorcycle routes to your gps

Tourstart Transfer is here shown after you have clicked on the "Tourstart Transfer" on a specific route.

Then - in this case- the route is ready being transferred to a Garmin Zumo gps. Now it is only to press on the green "Transfer route to GPS" button. After the tour is transferred you will get a notification that it is successfully transferred.

Tourstart Transfer - easy transfer to TomTom and Garmin motorcycle GPS


Transfer to a Garmin

Here is a video how to transfer to a Garmin

Transfer motorcycle route to Garmin GPS


Transfer motorcycle route to a TomTom Rider

Here is a video how to transfer a motorcycle route to a TomTom Rider GPS using the "Tourstart Transfer" software. 

Transfer a motorcycle route to a TomTom Rider

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