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App - Android & iPhone application

Saturday, September 5, 2020 @ 16:44
App - Android & iPhone application
Tourstart has developed an app for both iPhone and Android dedicated to motorcycle riders. In this FAQ you can read more details about the unique features and how the app is linked with the functions on the web page - www.tourstart.org
The unique features
The unique features of the app are the full integration with the web page. You create one account, on either the web or app, and then this is used to log into both the app and web. Hereby you have access to all content on Tourstart on both platforms, and when creating a ride on the web it is instantly available on the app - and vice versa.
With the high integration level between the tours, private tours, ride planner and navigation on the app, you no longer need to worry how to ride the tour. You simply click on the navigation - and you are ready to explore the world with our motorcycle route planner.  
The selector gives you a quick overview of the functions which are available on the app. You simply spin the selector and make your choice, and you go direct to the content of your interest. You can always go back to the selector to make a new choice.
motorcycle map app
Motorcycle tour
Enjoy the great rides from motorcyclists from all over the world. Wherever you want to ride, there are other bikers who have shared the good experiences and this is available to you. When you have found a scenic motorcycle ride with some twisty curves you want to explore, then you only need to click on Navigation, and you will be guided around the tour.
Here shown both the iPhone and Android app.
motorcycle gps app for android
motorcycle gps app for iphone
Create your motorcycle rides
It has never been easier to do motorcycle route planning, and you can make your own motorcycle trip, or plan a ride to an event or even modify an existing tour to suit your exact requirements. With this high degree of flexibility, you are able to plan any tour you may desire. 
Here shown both the iPhone and Android app.
motorcycle gps app  motorcycle tracking app iphone
A unique feature of the Tourstart app is the full integration of the navigation into both the Android and iPhone app. There is no need to transfer any gps data - all you have to do is to click on the Navigation symbol, and offline turn-by-turn voice guided navigation will guide you on the route.
In addition, there are offline maps available throughout the entire world. Whereever your destination is you can always get the most updated offline maps on your smartphone. 
Here shown both the iPhone and Android app.
best motorcycle gps app for android  best motorcycle route app
Track your motorcycle ride to see where you were and also use the track to create a tour which can be shared with other motorcyclists. The tracks are automatically saved and stored on the web page, so you just log in on the web where you can edit, add pictures and text.
motorcycle gps app
Android Dashboard
On the Android app there is an option for an alternative Dashboard view. You can choose this under "Settings".
motorcycle gps app android
Download from App Store
Click on the link or scan the QR code for downloading from Google Play or AppStore.
QR code to download Tourstart motorcycle app
Questions or comments
In case you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact Tourstart on info@tourstart.org.
We look forward to any comments or suggestions for improvements, and we are always seeking to improve our services - and for this your ideas are needed.
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