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What is a great ride?

Sunday, May 16, 2010 @ 12:53

What do you consider is a great motorcycle ride?

A great ride is of course an individual preference.

Just like foods, some likes it hot some not, and our needs change during life as we some times needs to get the adrenalin rush and some times we just need to get the motorcycle rolling under well-known conditions.

Many bikers go for a long exotic ride, at least once in a life time.  The destination be crossing Saharah, USA or down under in Australia. It could be great to hear from you what you have tried, and just to give some inspiration to where you get all the challanges you need, I found a few pictures.

Lena Highway in Russia

The highway is 1 200 km long, and this is from Amut to Yakutsk. During winter and the dry season, there are no problems. As it is not paved, the rain really mess things up. I do not think it is due to the hot weather the people wear shorts..

Norway motorcycle road

It does not get that wild in Norway. Knowing a bit to the Norwegian culture, they have it all under control, but never the less, they still have some great motorcycle roads. When I drove there it was back in 1992 on my Honda 400F with my wife on the rear seat on our way to North Cape.


Lysebotn Road, Norway


Sweden on motorcycle

The above is great, but really, what is it that makes you remember it as a nice ride? Personally it is about having a good time.  Going with the wife, see some new stuff, have sufficient time to relax and just enjoy the motorcycle. This is from our summer holiday last year in Sweden.


Sweden holiday 2009


Share your comments, and have a great ride,

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