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Saturday, August 23, 2014 @ 07:14

To all users of Tourstart.

Effective from Monday 15th September 2014 Tourstart will change the terms and conditions, as we introduce a "Tourstart Pro" feature on the web page. Until 15th Septemer, all users have access to all the Tourstart Pro functions, where after the 15th September only users who paid the annual fee can enjoy the full functions.

We offer a discount on the yearly subscription fee in case you move fast. Until 15th Septebmer 2014 we offer as much as 25% discount

Euro - subscription fee per year
Normal price EUR 14
Reduced rate for 12 month membership if purchased before 15th September 2014 is EUR 10.5

US Dollar - subscription fee per year
Normal price USD 18
Reduced rate for 12 month membership if purchased before 15th September 2014 is USD 13.5

Sounds good? - then continue to purchase by <<clicking on this link>> and pay in the currency you prefer.

What do I get as a Pro?
You simply get access to all the great features enabling you to plan a great ride. Here is a list of some of the differences between a "Tourstart Pro" and a "Free Rider".

Tourstart Pro functions
Tourstart Pro_functions


Here some Q&A.

  1. Why shall I pay for the Tourstart Pro
    It is not free of charge to develop and run Tourstart. We have thousands of users who enjoy our functions, so it is only fair, that the users support us in continuation of the development and operation of the web page.
  2. Are there no free version anymore?
    Tourstart still have a free of charge version, so you can still use Tourstart without paying. Of course, only with limited functions and possibilities. Our motto is "We love motorcycling" and also for those who can do without the Pro functions, we will like to support getting the good experiences riding the motorcycle.
  3. What can I do as a Free Rider?
    You can make a few tours and download gps data each day. So if your requirements are not big, then a Free Rider account is good for you.
  4. What is the normal yearly price?
    The price is a yearly subscription fee, and it is only EUR 14 or USD 18, but we offer a great discount if you sign up before 15th September.
  5. What to do now?
    To be sure you can get the most optimum tools to enjoy a great motorcycle ride, then all you have to do is to purchase the "Tourstart Pro"
  6. How do other see my status as Pro or Free Rider?
    There will be an icon on your profile on "My Page" showing the status of your membership. The icons will only be shown after 15th September 2014.

Please note this e-mail is sent to all Tourstart members, as we change the terms and conditions. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Tourstart.


Best regards,
Jan A. Pedersen
+45 42 550 660

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