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Motorcycle hotel Alebo in Sweden

Saturday, August 10, 2013 @ 21:31

Alebo Hotel in Småland - the oldest hotel in Sweden

This profile story is about Hotel Alebo which is owned by Mette and Erik Dich. Both are danes with a desire to run a hotel in Sweden, and their large interest for motorcycles have established them as a well know destination for Danish motorcyclists. 


Alebo is only 2½ hours motorcycle ride from Sealand, 2 hours from Göteborg and 1 hour from Varberg, so it is easy for both motorcyclists from Sealand and Jutland to reach Alebo. Even there is not many kilometers, the nature is very different that what is in Denmark. Here are a lot of twisty motorcycle roads, scenic rides and not much traffic, so it is easy to enjoy riding the motorcycle. 

Alebo is a protected wooden house filled with soul and coziness. It is located just down to the lake "Unnen" where everybody is welcome to go for a swim or try the cano on the 18 km long lake. 

Washing the motorcycle

The pleasure riding the motorcycle is bigger when it is clean and polished. That is the motivation for Alebo to have a dedicated washing and polishing area where it is possible to get back to the shiny great bike again. Should minor repairs be necessary, this is also possible. Erik is quite handy, and can both adjust carburators on a Jaguar as well as supporting technical issues related to the motorcycle. 


Food and drink

"Life is too short for boring food" - which is a statement Erik has based the kitchen on. All motorcyclists must have an opportunity to enjoy a great meak, and that the chef will assure. Further to this, the breakfast will ensure the motorcyclists are ready for a long day on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle rides in the Swedish nature

The good experiences comes from riding the motorcycle. Therefore Alebo have - based on the guests demands - made a lot of exciting motorcycle rides from Denmark all leading to Alebo. The motorcycle rides made by Alebo starting from the hotel can all be ridden in one day, and the rides can be downloaded to a Garmin, TomTom and Navigon gps. Read more about the rides on Alebo hotel web page on Tourstart or on Alebo's own web page.

Here are a couple of examples on the rides made by Alebo, where the motorcyclist will explore "food and museum" on Krösarunden and a scenic ride aroung Bolmen. 


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