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An early start is always to prefer

Sunday, November 1, 2009 @ 12:42

Kids on motorcycle

Kids needs to learn the tricks as soon as possible. Exactly the same as if you find a new girlfriend - assuming you are a male and you are the owner of a motorcycle. Then the bike it is just a part of the package, and no need for having too many discussions about that topic - just give her a good experince riding the bike, and life gets pretty easy.

When I met my wife, to her a motorcycle could have been something taken out of Starwars.... Well, she tried the rear pillon and found it pretty cool. Since then we have had many good tours on the motorcyel for the last +25 years. Exactly the same story with children. They need to learn true values in life, as soon as possible, just as in a relationship.

Kids on motorcycle in Denmark

Now it is pretty common in Denmark having kinds on the rear pillon, and even we are well equipped with legislations, our politicians found a gap they needed to fill in. Mission accomplished.

Just so sum up what has been decided are:

  • no kinds below 5 years on the bike
  • must wear a helmet
  • and if less than 135 cm they need to sit in a special designed seat.

The rules are pretty fair - no doubt about that. So from now it is only to take some measurements of the kids, and invest in a e.g. invest in a special seat. Does the kids ride with the old folks, most likely they need a seat like this:

Well, on the other hand, some kids are better off without their parent. All they need is a motorcycle, tarmac and that the parents are not getting too nervous. Then the scene are set for a good experience.

No matter what option you and the kids go for, I wich you a fun ride,

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