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Video of motorcycle ride

Saturday, July 31, 2010 @ 08:11

Motorcycle video of a great ride

I have tried something new.

To me at least, as I can clearly see on YouTube it is not new to to the world. However, I have fun and that is the main thing. The camera used for the recording is a normal digital camera which can video tape. The first video made was handheld, and regards to road safety it was not the best solution.

Home made bracket for motorcycle mount

Then I made the bracket for some old camera mount I found somewhere in a box. The bracket was quickly made, and I look forward to try it. The camera is not waterproof, and those days here we are about to recieve our part of the reason why the fields are so green and nice, that I see no reason to take out the motorcycle and the non-water proof camera.


Camera mount on motorcycle


Motorcycle video of my ride

I always liked to take pictures of where I have been - and still does. But the camera has two functions so why not benefit of that? Further, it is always nice with some new ways to show other motorcyclists about a nice ride and also good to better remember the tour myself. The one I made can be seen here:

I like cameras, for still pictures and videos - but is a bit allergic to roadside mounted cameras or the ones which are handheld by out authorities. Wonder why..

Have a videosafe ride,

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