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Motorcycle subcultures

Friday, August 21, 2009 @ 21:43

Motorcycle riding is great

Riding the motorcycle is great - no doubt about that. You feel united with all motorcyclists, and you salute them when you meet in the traffic. We are all the same, or what?

Bacisally we can be grouped in some well know catagories:

  • Sport bike
  • Touring
  • Custom
  • Naked bike
  • Off-road
  • Vintage

Those are the known for all of us, but what about the subgroups within the motorcycle community? The subgroups are ranging from smaller rebuilds which are hard to see ending with rebuilds where it is hard to see the motor cycle.

  • Slightly rebuild versions
  • Tuning
  • Street fighter
  • Rat bike
  • Handmade custom/motorcycle building as an art

Slightly modified motorcycles

A lot of motorcyclists modify the standard motorcycle with a new exhaust in order to be able enjoying the sound, or add some colored bolts and nuts. Some bikers also choose to have the bike fitted with some carbon stuff, fancy mirrors or some quality shock absorbers. All in all great, and it just gives a touch of personality to the bike.  The best part is that this level of midification still gives you the option having some bucks to spend on petrol, rallies and inviting the girl friend out.

Tuning a motorcycle

Now it is necessary to start diving - into the pocket for $$. Also at the same time it gets adrenalin-kicking-high pulse fun. What about a Suzuki Hayabusa with 675 hp? If you need more, you got started from home too late.  I never tried a beast like this, but it is interesting.

Street fighter motorcycle

This is the modern worrier who see the daily traffic like a war. And they are pretty well prepared as well. This is a pretty cool model with a HUGE rear wheel, compressor and just mean looking.

Rat bike

Washing, cleaning and polishing. What is that?? For sure pure waste of time for those guys.

Handmade custom/motorcycle building as an art

Details, hand craft and passion seems like the big drivers. And what a kind of art. The creator spends houndreds of hours on creating the bike, and then we can enjoy their efforts.

Pesonally I find it is really great that we can feel united when our interests within motorcycling are so different.

Have a fun ride,

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