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New design and functions

Saturday, November 30, 2013 @ 15:56

We are pleased to announce that we now have launched our new web site design and some brand new functions. As Tourstart always listen to our users, and are in constantly contact with the users, we get a lot of information about new functions which will improve what it is all about - riding the motorcycle and get some good experiences. 

Intro page

What is Tourstart all about? Well, you know of course, but it might not be obvious for new users who visit Tourstart for the first time. Therefore we have made an introduction page, where users can read about Tourstart, and get an impression what we offer to our users.

My page

On "My Page" - which is your profile page - you will find a lot of new functions, which are all focusing on making it easier to establish social relations with other bikers, and hereby exchange more infomation about the good motorcycle rider. 

New functions:

  • Wall
    You now have a personal wall where you can post what is going on and see what your friends are up to. Here you will also get notifications from the bike clubs, friends BikerBeds you follow, so when either the bike club or your friend have made a new tour, then you get a notificaiton.

  • Map
    On the map you will get a quick overview of all your tours, bike clubs and events you have bookmarked.

  • Pictures and videos
    Possibility to add more pictures of you and your motorcycle, and you can also add videos on your profile, so you can share even more with your motorcycle friends.

  • Friends
    On your wall you can see pictures of your friends, and we have made it easier to find and connect with your motorcycle friends.

  • Name
    Now you can change your name of your profile, so you can write your full name. With this it is much easier to find each other and connect.


Note: Due to we have made some changes on the design and now offer more personal functions, please check your own page to assure that only information you want to submit to the public are visable.



Motorcycling is more than riding the motorcycle on a day ride. It is for sure also to get away on a multiple day journey and see new parts of the world - and to get some good food togehter with a nice place to stay. This is now possible, as the new function BikerBed is introduced.

Here are some key issues regards the BikerBed:

  • Tours
    The BikerBeds can offer free tours which you can easily be downloaded direct to your gps. Now with improved overview of the routes, as all tours are shown directly on the Bikerbed page.

  • Services
    The services offered are easy to get overview of, such as washing possibilities and locked parking

  • Follow your Bikerbed
    By a single click you can now get latest updates on your own wall when your favorite BikerBeds post a comment or a new route.


Bikerbed - services


Not only have we introduced our own maps, but we have also extended the map view on the main pages. Hereby you get a better overview when searching for an event, tour or make a new RidePlan.


Please bear with us

It is a HUGE task to develop so many new functions, so there might be some bugs... Well, we are sure there are bugs. But, you can rest assured that we do our best to solve any problems as soon as we discove them. 

Then you might ask, why did we not test? Oh - that we have done, but it is simply not possible to test all functions properly before it is launced to all users.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find some bugs or have ideas for improvement. Also you are welcome to mail us if you tell us what you think about the design and functions.  

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