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USA on drive-self motorcycle holiday

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 20:36

This TourNews is focusing on getting some good experiences on the motorcycle pinpointing the thoughest challange with a motorcycle tour is to take the decision about going. At the same token, the two friends who drove the tour in USA will like to share their experiences with other bikers. 

USA on motorcycle

Two friends - óne dream. The dream was to travel to the USA and take a great motorcycle ride. Further, the dream was to plan the tour themsleves and make the ride on some big Harley Davidson Road King´s. 

MC friends at Yosemite national park

Planning of the MC USA tour

Jens (68) and Hans (62) spoke for a long time about having a motorcycle holiday in USA, and the discussions were whether to buy a pre-planned and all-inclusive tour or to make all the planning themselves. Pretty easy decision, as they wanted to feel the American freedom and they they both agreed would feel the best by riding where they want, how they want and when. So, they made all the planning themselves.

Motorcycle tour

The daily motorcycle route were approx 300 km and the entire USA tour was approx 4 500 km. The tour were driven on Harley Davidson Road King and they drove like a dream and their comfort left nothing behind. The experience regards the entire tour is the weather which would have been perfect being a bit more than15-20 deg. C. The holiday took place ultimo may/primo june and a few weeks more into the year would have made it a bit better.

Harley Davidson on the road in Bryce Canyon

Read more about the mc holiday

You can read all details about the usa mc tour here and you can also download the mc route for your GPS  so you can alos get a good experience going to the USA and to get a good motorcycle holiday. Click on the map to be diverted to the download of the motorcycle route.

Motorcykel tur i USA med angivelse af ruten på kort


Plan the tour yourselves and save 25%

Some winter evenings were spend on planning the motorcycle tour and to booke the motorcycles and the hotels, but the gain was a 25%  cheaper holiday - which gave a good pay-back on the evenings and also the planning evenings were pretty cozy.

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