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Most famous motorcycle songs ever made

Friday, June 19, 2009 @ 20:20

Motorcycle songs

Songs and music is a huge part of our life, and for sure when we are at a bike ralley and the party is on. Each and every one of us have some songs we clearly remember and which links us to some nice memories. For motorcyclists I have listed the most popular ones. Last two blogs was about the future, so here are a blog about the past and where some of the biker community appears from.

Born to be wild

Biker song made by Steppenwolf. This song was used in the movie "Easy Rider" featuring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. Release the biker inside yourself, and just ride. Do like Peter Fonda - get rid of the watch and let nature take over control.

Bat out of hell 

by Meat Loaf This song is one of my favorites for sure. He is so full of energy and a great performer too.

Born to Run 

by Bruce Springsteen He sings about "At night we ride through mansions of glory on suicide machines", well luckely he only sang about is..

AC/DC Harley Davidson

Seems like those guys fell in love with the Harley Davidson, and by the fame of the song some Harley Davidson riders also fell a bit in live with AC/DC. Fair enough as they do a good job.

I hope you are now in the right mood to head for a rallie and let the good times take over. Just rememeber motor cycling is much more then the iron itself.

Enjoy the party,

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