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Tired of flat tyres?

Thursday, August 26, 2010 @ 06:34

Motorcycle tyre puncture

A puncture is not the most common thing when riding your motorcycle with the new modern tyres, and what also add to the long life of the tyres is that we normally do not ride that much on gravel roads. At least in some countries and if you are not a off-roader. Well, getting back to the into of this blog post, it is not a memorarble thing to get a puncture, when you have decided to explore the world.  

To explore the tool box and test your skills as a DYI in the roadside does not necessarily make the tour a better experience. And it does not help you to look up on the GPS for directions to a garage....

Hindu fakir

I think the point is clear in this video, and the tyres are not getting flat.

But the tyre has more holes that a hindu fakir laying on a bed of sharp nails, why it must be a really good bargin if I shall buy those tyres...

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