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Motorcycle rides in Denmark

Friday, June 28, 2013 @ 16:32

Motorcycle rides and holiday in Denmark

Now it is your turn to ride the best motorcycle routes in Denamrk!

Do you have a motorcycle GPS there is a fast and efficient way to get out riding the best motorcycle routes, and with an iPhone you will be able to download a unique app - Tourstart iPhone app. So well equipped with a motorcycle GPS or an iPhone all you need to do is to hit the road and to be prepared for some good motorcycle ride experiences.


Denmark is a wonderful country and Denmark offers many scenic, twisty and many othrer motorcycle roads. The landscape is made for those who like to ride the small motorcycle roads, as the Danish nature is mild and perfect for motorcycling, which is enjoyed by both danish and foregin motorcyclists. 

Germany, Austria, Norway and Sweden is of course also popular destinations for the motorcycle holiday, but be aware that Denmark have its own charm, as the motorcycle routes takes you through a wide scenery and the routes goes along the ocean, into the forrest and in the open fields where you can enjoy e.g. the yellow rape fields, which is especially an adventure which is a must to experience.

The motorcycle rides are made in close corporation with the motorcycle dealers in Denmark, Tourstart and www.mff-dk.dk. The motorcycle routes are selcted among the most popular motorcycle routes wich are in Denmark with the aim to tribute the joy riding the motorcycle.
For each motorcycle tour you can read about what you can expect to experience, and by following the link, you can download the route to your GPS or see them on the iPhone app. 

Northern part of Jutland

The top of Denmark offers you sea, fiord, hilly landscapes and large forrest areas. And of course not to forget the very famous special light which the painters are so excited about, and which has given us so many uique pictures. Are you looking for getting some wind in you hair and sea scent in your nose, a motorcycle ride along the vest coast of Jutland is the best option. Here are many scenic highlights e.g. Blokhus Klitplantage, Raabjerg Mile and of course Skagen. Several of the attractions are located on the famous Margurit route, which offers you the best motorcycle routes in Denmark. Many places on the mc route you can make a stop and enjoy the lanscape.

It is also possible to ride the motorcycle around Limfjorden. It is a 400 km long ride from Thyborøn in the east to Hals in the vest along the   water where there are pleanty of options for a stop to get of the motorcycle and enjoy an ice cream of some biker food. 

Download the motorcycle routes here:

Central part of Jutland

The central part of Jutland has several places ideal for a motorcycle ride. It is possible to explore Djursland and the beautiful nature and the roads going through the wonderful hills. Or, if you prefer taking your motorcycle on a dirt road, you can ride along the beach with a splendid view to Kattegat and Ebeltoft and end the route by riding through Mols Bjege. Also in the area around Silkeborg there are pleanty of motorcycle roads around the lakes. 

Taking your motorcycle for a ride on the Margurit route along Julsø with a view to Himmelbjerget and a visit to the charming village Ry, with a stop for ice, food or a boat trip on the lates, is highly recommended. 

A bit further west you can take your motorcyle for a ride around Nissum Fjord with the possibility to se dunes, heath fields, fiord and the ocean - all within a days motorcycle ride.

Download the motorcycle routes here:

Southern part of Jutland

In the southern part of Jutland, a motorcycle ride along the "Vadehavet" is an obvious possibility. The entire route from Esbjerg to Tønder is a scenic ride and can easily be combined with some cultural seight-seeing points e.g.visiting from "Tønder marsken" to the locks of Højer and further on to Møgeltønder with the scenic street "Slotsgade" leading to the castle "Schackenborg". Do you prefer gravel under the two motorcycle wheels - then try a heading for the area between Gram and Tiset heath.

Download the motorcycle routes here:

Fuen, Denmark

Fuen is very nice and well know for its sea, beach and the many small idyllic half-timbered houses which are on the entire island. On the northern part of Fuen you can have a motorcycle ride with an almost constant view to the sea. Your motorcycle will take you through a lot of great curves and spots for having a break for a cup of coffee - or perhaps an ice cream? The motorcycle routes will take you through many smal harbours where you can rest during the day  - and that is just next to the sea.

Sealand, Denmark

Motorcycle tours on Sealand, Denmark offers a wide variety of scenic motorcycle routes. On the ride on the small roads from Helsignør to Kastrup you can see Øresund on the entire motorcycle route. A bit further away from the sea are there a great motorcycle ride from Roskilde to Stenløse via Frederikssyns, where a part of the route goes along Roskilde Fiord. Also on the south westeren part of Sealand, there are many twisty motorcycle roads, among other from Vordingborg til Præstø along the small narrow roads, which are taking you to Faxe. Your motorcycle ride can take you to Stevns Klint, where you can get off the motorcycle and take a walk to the beach, down the many steps. On the beach you can fully enjoy the lime which Stevns Klint is made of.


It is just as Bornholm is made for motorcyclists. So, do you want to have a motorcycle holiday it is highly recommended to pack all your holiday gear on the motorcycle, and head for the cosy island Bornholm. Bornholm is small, yet large enough for having some good motorcycle tours, as a tour around the island is approx 100 km. The nature and the motorcycle rides are scenic with the most fantastic rocks and the large wide beaches. At the centre of Bornholm is the 5.th largest forrest in Denmark - so do not get lost. 

Download the motorcycle rides to your GPS

Transfer motorcycle routes to a motorcycle gps is possible on Tourstart, and we have made some instruction videos how to do.The videos you can see on www.youtube.com/tourstart.

You can create your own motorcycle rides on Tourstart, and save them and also share with other users. 

How to create a motorcycle ride and transfer to a Navigon gps:

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