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IronButt - the Danish way

Sunday, June 16, 2013 @ 07:28

IronButt - the Danish way


Du you fancy having a sour bag and being on the road for a lot of kilometer? Then for sure you need to consider riding an IronButt, which is exactly what the two friends Søren and Peter did. But they did it the Danish way which is called "JernBag". Just to summarize what a IronButt is about, as there are three levels:

-1610 km in 24 hours
-2000 km in 24 hours
-2500 km in 36 hours

The purpose is simply an endurance race against your selves and the clock. All you need is to do is to ride the kilometers as stated and get the proper documentation. To have the IronButt/JernBag approved you need to be a memeber of an organization who can submit the award. You either need to be a member of the american IronButt or - as in this case - you need to be member of the biggest motorcycle organization in Denmark - MC Touring Klub. The Danish version has the same rules as the American, but is much cheaper, but I can guarantee that your bag will be equally sour, no matter which organisation you choose for your endurance motorcycle ride.

After the ride is approved, you will get a clothpatch which shows you are a member of a small and though group of motorcylist. Pretty fancy?

IronButt - JernBag-clothpatch


Søren is an enthusiastic motorcyclist and he runs the web page www.motorcykeleventyr.dk - in english it is motorcycle adventure- and he runs the web page with the aim to share the good experiences he has on his motorcycle. Further, Søren is writing about test of equipment and about the motorcycle rides he had and the videos he made. Further, Søren is from Vejle, Denmark and with his partnership with the local tourist office www.visitvejle.dk, he is promoting motorcyclism in the region. Great initiative - which you can read more about here.

Why drive an IronButt-JernBag

Is an IronButt more than just exchanging fuel and tires with  a sor bag? Yup, it is actually a manhood test for motorcyclists to ride an IronButt, and that challange Søren and his friend Peter too. Originally Søren just wanted to drive half the 1610 km into Germany and then make a 180 degree turn and going back. Well, that was not exactly the idea of Peter. Why not just go 1610 km straight south? 

Well, it sounded more resonable, so as said as done. 

"JernBag - the ride"

The Jernbag-IronButt ride went as planned. No stress and no accident - only the pre-planned sour bag. The planning has been on the way for quite a while, so the motorcycles were equipped with new tires and both Søren and Peter got new helmets and full set of  clothes. 

POLO-Motorrad motorcycle gear and motorcyclist testing Pharao Tour 2 on a BMW

No tour without sponsors. Safety and comfort goes hand in hand, and as they wante to be sure the motorcycle ride would be a good experience, they wrote to POLO-Motorrad asking for help. POLO were very positive and supported the team with two Pharao Tour 2 motorcycle clothes

The motorcycle ride was a good experience and no stress as there both were time for some queue on the German autobahn and stops for having coffee and what else you do in the pit.. 

Just to be sure, there are no reason to stop when having been driving 1610 km. The tour needs to be official approved and checked. So better to be safe than sorry, they added a few extra kilometers on the clock. The destination was the Garda lake in Italy, and to be sure they were on the safe side, they took a lap of honor around the lake - ending with 1647 km on the clock. And it only took 21 hours, so there were plenty of time left. 

The JernBag-IronButt was of course planned on Tourstart and the two friends used their motorcycle gps Garmin Zumo 550 on their motorcycles.


A few pictures from the IronButt-JernBag ride.

motorcyklister-start-ironbutt-in-danmark-on-two-yellow-bmw-motorcycles  bmw-motorcykel-queue-on-the-german-autobahn

ironbutt-stop-to-check-fuel-bills  bmw-motorcycle-with-view-to-lago-de-garda

bmw-motorcycle-with-garmin-zumo-550-mounted  motorcyclist-pizza-and-a-cold-beer





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