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Tourstart Tour Optimizer - TTO

Sunday, May 16, 2021 @ 11:12

Hi ,
I am very happy to announce our recent released tool, which we have developed. It is called Tourstart Tour Optimizer - TTO. WIth TTO creating tours are now as easy as ever. 

Now the problem with the route taking you down a side road is history. Also differences in the route when transfer to a GPS device is avoided with the "Shaping points" function.

Enjoy the reading and route planning.

Tourstart Tour Optimizer
TTO optimize the route and hereby helps you creating the perfect motorcycle tour. With TTO you can:

  • Correct Via points
  • Correct Drag points
  • Automatic drag to route
  • Highlight unpaved routes
  • Avoid highway
  • Avoid ferry
  • Add shaping points

You will find the TTO menu in "Create tour" and also view TTO on a tour to see at which parameters the tour is created. In the menu you can:

  1. "Optimize all" - one click to get all points optimized
  2. Enable or disable the different functions
  3. Make individual settings as shown in the screenshots below. 

Here TTO is shown unfolded:

TTO - Correct Via and Drag point

To avoid u-turns on your motorcycle tour, you can correct your Via & Drag points on your planned motorcycle trip with Tourstart Tour Optimizer.

If your Via or Drag point is more than 150 m/500 feet. down a side road, a red exclamation sign will appear. If you click "Optimize", the point will be dragged back to the main road, and then you will avoid annoying u-turns.

TTO - Automatic drag to route

If your Drag or Via point is less than 150 m/500 feet. down a side road, the point is autmoatically dragged to the route. You can "undo" if it was your intention to ride down the road.

TTO - Highlight Unpaved Roads

Want to ride on the unpaved roads or perhaps not? Just enable the highlight function and you can decide on your own. The unpaved roads becomes red and it is easy taking a decision. 

TTO - Avoid Highway and Ferry

A click makes you avoid the highways or ferries.


TTO - Shaping points

Shaping points ensure that your ride is always as you plan. No need to change settings on the Garmin, TomTom or BMW Navigator - just plan the route on Tourstart, transfer and ride.

Shaping points are intelligent added by our own developed algorithm ensuring you get the optimum amount of shaping points securing a fantastic ride.

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Best regards,

Jan A. Pedersen

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