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Alternative fuel driven motorcycle

Sunday, June 14, 2009 @ 11:48

Motorcycles needs to convert to alternative fuel

Statistically not all bikers are interested in an electrical motor cycle, why it is pretty important to have some alternatives. One is of course to stop riding your motorcycle, but this is not exactly the best option. Another option is to fuel the motorcycle with some other stuff, which are considered more environmental friendly.


The reason for investigating in bio fuel is the fact the ordinary fuel as we know it, releases CO2 when it is burned. The released CO2 is the reason for adding to the global heating, which are on top of many peoples mind those years.


There are two kind of biofuel:

-Ethanol, to be used in ordinary gasoline engines. Ethanol is produces via fermentation of biomasses, which mainly is foodstuff. -BioDiesel, to be used in diesel engines. BioDiesel is made of a mixture of alcohol and fat from animals or vegetables.

Nothing in this world only have pro´s. A few con´s also sneak in, and the problem with the biofuels are basically it is made from foodstuff, and in a world where many people lack food, it is not the most political correct option, as it affects food prices and do not forget the developing countries lack of food.

Honda found a solution

Well, Honda found their own solution on that problem. The invented a production method using inedible leaves and stalks of plants such as rice straw. Further they made a motorcycle with a special made fuel injection system to cope with the biofuel. The motorcycle being the fruit of their work, are a 150 cc, which might not appeal to all bikers. For now they have released in Brazil and expect to produce 200,000 annually. This is a quite impressive number, and with the knowledge they gain from this model, it might not be the last we have heard from them regards biofuel.


The other option is to have a diesel powered motorcycle. The size makes it pretty impressive. Corners and cross-country touring is not first what pop-up in my mind, but what about 1/4 mile race?Those guys made a BMW clone, as they took the the engine from the car division and rest from the motorcycle division. Seems like they missed taking something from the design department...

Diesel driven motorcycle

You could also wait for www.dieselmotorcycles.com to start up the civilian production. This model they have tested doing 44 km/l or 105 mpg diesel. And the model is quite neat as well.With the biodiesel conversion, the motorcycle from Dieselmotorcycles looks like a real good option for an everyday model, suiting the demands of the environmental concerned motorcyclist.

Have a fun ride,

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