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Rokform test of iPhone case for motorcycle mount

Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ 14:40

Tourstart have had the www.rokform.eu covers for test for iPhone and to use this on the motorcycle. The product tested is the Rokbed v3. Based on a statement is extracted from Rokform on their web page, we found the covers quite interesting:

"Rokform is more than protection - it is a system. The range of cases are available for iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy are all mountable. You can add magnet so it will stick to any metal, of use the BikeMount for mounting it in a car or on your bike with a click"

Tourstart challange

We had a look on the Rokform gear, and got quite interested in this. Then we took the challange and thought, why not mount is on a motorcycle to see how usefull it is for motorcyclists.Rokform - in the package for iPhone 5 mount

The package 

The cover we tested contained of below items:
  • Cover in hard plastic
  • Plastic mounting bracket
  • Bumper
  • Lanyard
  • Magnetic grip

Besides this we tested a bike mount made in aluminium.

Mounting the Rokform

The cover is made so that it is possible to mount a magnet in the plastic grip on the rear side. This can be used to stick the phone onto metal surfaces, and even I found my self using this pretty often when just laying the phone away or wanted to demonstrate somthing for a fellow motorcyclist.

Rokform - riding on the Kawasaki

Further, on the cover has a genious built-in mounting system so the cover can be mounted with a 90 degree turn. This is very safe way to mount the phone and extremely easy to use. The bracket gives the possibility to mount the phone in portrait or landscape position.

There  is a standard bracket in the packet, which can be fastened on a flat surface either in a car or on a motorcycle with some 3M adhesive tape. First thought was to mount this on the top brige of the front fork. Well, on the day it should be mounted, it was a bit wet, why the motorcycle handlebar mount was used. The handlebar mount is having a high quality machining, and is small and discrete - just as it shall be on a motorcycle, and the mount is very solid and easy to adjust to suit your preferred position.

The first impression is that the cover is very well designed, and it looks great when mounted on the motorcycle.

Testing the cover

The cover has now been used for a few weeks, and it is with great pleasure that I can say, that is works!

I have lost the phone on the floor - not by purpose, but by accident - and neither the phone or cover were damaged. Not only does the cover look good and protects the phone, but it is also easy to get the phone out of the pocket. The test of the cover on the motorcycle has been when riding up to 130 km/h, and is proved very stable and did not show any signs of falling off. Rokform rain protection


As rain is a part of our life - and important, still it can disturb the life as a motorcyclist a bit. The cover is not waterproof, so you can use the plactic bag to protect the phone if you use the Motorycle Handlebar Mount.


The Rokform covers can be used for the following:

  • iPhone 4-5-6
  • iPad
  • iPad mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4


The cover is really great, and we can only recommend it. We can only see that Rokform did a great job when designing the cover, as it is nice looking, easy to mount and can be used in many different situations with the magnetic mount as on the motorcycle.


Rokform walks the talk. So for the entire October 2014 you will get a huge discount of 50%.... And free shipping within entire EU. All you need to do is to write "ROKBIKE" with capital letters in the "Redeem a discount" on the Rokform web page - and wupti, you got yourselfe a good deal.

Rokbikr discount

Kim Münster

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