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New web site design of Tourstart.org

Sunday, May 17, 2020 @ 13:30

Hi ,

We are very happy to announce that the new web site design is about to be released. The new design shows you more map making it easier for you to browse the tour and create new rides. 
The new design will be released within a few days and we announce this in advance for your information.

Web site design
The new web site design shows you as much of the map as possible.
The menu is moved to the left and some functions are at the top of header.  


View tour
A preview function is now possible. Just move your mouse over the start point of the tour, and then you will see a preview with the most important facts. Here, you can directly “Add to download” or “View” the tour for full information. The same functions are possible, if you are in the BikerBed or Bike Club sections.


Create tour
The mechanism for creating a tour is changed for the better. We tested this with some of our users. They liked it and find it easy to use. Now you can both “Right click” and “Left click” on your mouse while creating a tour.
Here you can see a short video of how to create a tour https://youtu.be/qMnA_Knc3Y8


Transfer tour
The transfer process has become more intuitive and you can surf around the web page and find all the tours you want to transfer.
Once done, you click on the transfer button and you can see all the tours you collected. Then, you can click on the “Start transfer” function using the Tourstart Transfer software to get the tours on your Garmin or TomTom GPS.


Do not hesitate to write an e-mail to me should you need assistance with any question you may have. You can write to jap@tourstart.org


Best regards,

Jan Agnoletti Pedersen

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