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World's oldest motorcycle brand

Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 20:42

Old motorcycle brands

New bikes and all the fuzz about the latest model - nope - not now and not this time. This is a contribution to the motorcycle which are the oldest in the world, and the one produced for the longest period. And still is produced. I am sure you all know the Royal Enfield - more or less.

Royal Enfield established 1893

It all started as a brand in 1893 doing some other stuff, but already in 1899 they were ready with some kind of vehicle, but this one from 1901 looks like a real motorcycle. At least there is a motor and a cycle...

Long history, many motorcycle models and a lot of trouble. Well, at a certian point the production equipment and brand was sold off to India. This was a pretty clever thing to do, as we are today gifted having a pre-historic motorcycle as new today - and not just the history. It is easy to get a bit sentimental, isn´t it?

Imagine what the bikes have been through.

When you purchase a brand new Royal Enfield today, you can smell the wings of history. The motorcycle has been with us since the fastest thing on earth was a horse, and it has played a big role in our industrialization and Royal Enfield has been in to world wars dooing its best to serve the troops. Unfortunately, it also saw the downfall from its peak. Just before the chrome was matt, the Indian guys send over some polishing creme, and it woke up to live again. Thanks.

Buy Royal Enfield today is possible

The motorcycle is still produced, and it is truly a bueaty as it was years ago.  Horse power, cornering stability and high speed records - forget it all. Then you need to look else where if that is your interest. Wings of history and the "right" look and feel - then you came to the right place. Enjoy the bike, and do not forget where we originated from.

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