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Motor cyclists safety gear - then, now and in the future

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 @ 21:10

Motorcycle tour memory lane - version 1

Personal safety on a motorcycle has had many faces over the years. I have been riding motor cycles for 23 years, and always focused on personal safety. And one thing is for sure, what was considered top class safe back then is not up to speed today. When I bought the Honda CB 400F back in 1986 as a second hand, I also looked for a leather outfit. The Dainese was bought as a second hand and used until 1993. There were only a nylon alternative to leather, why the leather was considered pretty good. Now it is necessary to define good.

Does good mean?:

  • Protecting against cold temperatures? Nope
  • Protecting against rain or wet weather? Nope
  • Protecting knees, spine and elbows? Nope

Well, if good means it protects your skin if you are down kissing the tarmac, then yes. And just to bear in mind where personal safety came from with jeans and a simple jacket, the Dainese was really good and safe. I know, comparing it with todays standard is not really fair. Back then it was a big time mess when the rain came. First the full body rain suit, then the boots got packed in and finally the gloves. And then the rain stopped… My wife and I we once went to Nordkap here from Denmark in 1992, and except Norway is a fantastic country, it was 20 days which were wet and cold. 


Honda CD400F and pre-historical Dainese leather outfit


Motorcycle tour Memory lane - version 2

This is as the name indicates – made in Denmark. After our education we got a job and then followed some money. One of our first priorities was to get a new outfit, as we got fed up with the leather stuff, we ordered some gore-tex outfit. That was like comming to heaven... That is what we felt.

No more wet and less cold than the old leather. Purchased in 1992 and used until 2008. After 16 years the best thing to say was the ability to be humid when rain and chilly when cold. This were not really attractive, so a new investment were considered.


Honda VFR 750 - just 18 km old


Present motorcycle riding

The Held gear is really good. I easily feel pretty cold, but the new suit does the job, and was also pretty cheap. Paid €200 on sale for last year model, and it has really giving me a great quality/price ratio. Now I am not clod or wet anymore, and it is very comfortable wearing.


Held - and the same VFR now just 70 000 km older


The future motorcycle?

As I start I can end. Dainese. It is a bit impressive what development are about to offer us. It does not seems like it is perfect yet, but they will get there.

Have a safe ride,


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