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Motorcycle ride planner for iPhone

Sunday, September 1, 2013 @ 21:36

Not many years ago all motorcycle ride plans were made on a printed road map. Then the map was placed on the tank bag, and you had to look on the each time you were in doubt where to turn and in which direction you needed to ride. That was OK, and we still reached the motorbike roads.


Motorcycle gps

Then the technology developed and we got the motorcycle gps which are watertight and can handle the harsh conditions on the motorcycle with vibrations and weather. That is still the preferred navigation system for some motorcyclists. The typical motorcycle gps are the Garmin Zumo 550 or the TomTom Rider 2, which are not only waterproof but are also delivered with a holder so it is easy to take the gps with you when the motorcycle is parked. With the new technology and the development from Tourstart, it is now possible to create a motorcycle tour and transfer this to the gps - totally avoiding paper maps. 

How to plan a motorcycle ride and transfer to af Garmin Zumo

On www.tourstart.org you can plan a motorcycle ride and transfer this to your gps by a single click. When a motorcycle tour has been found or created, then you can see on this YouTube video how to transfer it to your Zumo.


How to transfer a motorcycle ride to a TomTom Rider

Many motorcyclists have a TomTom Rider and the routes found on Tourstart can also be transferred by a single click - watch this tutorial.

No click are needed

However, we are in the middle of a change in technology as many motorcyclists now are having an iPhone. This means that no clicks are needed anymore. Now Tourstart has a complete concept where all functions are in one - so now it is not necessary to transfer gps data anymore. All is ready now with the new iPhone app.

Ride planner for iPhone

As the iPhones gets more and more popular, and they contian more and more functions, it means having an iPhone means that you can avoind having a traditional gps. With the latest and most advanced app technology Tourstart offers a motorcycle ride planner for iPhone, which means you do not need to have a traditional motorcycle gps, as all necessary functions are inside the iPhone app. This means in reality that you only need the iPhone as your ride planner, as all functions are covered. Another advantage is that you always take the iPhone with you so whether you are travelling domestic or international you can always access your motorcycle tours and search for other motorcyclists tours for inspiration. 

motorcycle-route-planner-for-iphone  Motorcycle-tour-on-iphone  motorcycle-ride-plan

Plan your motorcycle rides on Tourstart

The technology to make this work is that Tourstart is both a web page and an iPhone app. The great advantage is that all content on the web is available on the iPhone ride planner and any motorcycle ride plan you make on the iPhone is also available on the web page.

Download Ride Planner from the app store

Should you like to download the iPhone app, then just click on the AppStore logo below.


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