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Electrical motor cycles

Saturday, June 6, 2009 @ 12:46

Electric motorcycles might be the solution 

Later this year Denmark will be the host for the COP15 which is the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen from 7 to 18 December 2009.

High level politicians from around the globe are visiting Denmark to discuss the climate subject. Together with the politicians electrical vehicles from the main car manufactures will be presented in Copenhagen. Many of the electrical vehicles are to be the official means of transport for the politicians, and other to be part in the general tests and to get exposure infront of the press.

There is a lot of fuzz about the electrical vehicles and that Denmark is a test bed for the electrical cars and laboratory for the rest of the world. This is to a large extend right, but where are the electrical motorcycles? Of course the time of year is not perfect for motor cycles, as the early-mid December might give us some pretty cold temperatures.

There are many manufacturers world wide having a lot of attention to the potential within electrical motorcycles, which is why I made this blog post. First of all there are some practicalities on the manufactor side and some psychological barriers to break down on the user side before it can become a success. Many motor cyclist like touring and long distance driving, and last but not least they like the sound of their vehicles. It is some heavy barrier to break down.

Electric motorcycles are already here

Seen from my perspective the electrical motorcycles are not the most obvious solution, no matter how nice and environmentally friendly the mindset behind the idea is. At least thats how it was for me until I researched for this article. Already at this early development stage there are some pretty cool bikes out there, and some which are less cool. Are you the type looking for e-transport vehicle, and going from A-B is the main thing, then consider the Vectrix. It can do 100 kh/h, which should suit the need for a city commuter. Pretty nice as well.


© www.vectrix.com


The Vectrix is a standard looking scooter type, which to my needs might not be the most obvious solution, but if you are a commuter with limited needs it is a fun toy to get.

Electrical motorcycles are more than just transport

Moving into the more traditional motor cycle look-alike type, the Enertia is pretty cool. They have put a lot of effort making the bike attractive both  during the ride, but also when you are back home. Then you simply connect the bike to your PC via the USB plug and get all data about the ride. Pretty smart.


© www.enertiabike.com


Not Mission impossible

Mission One is another well designed electrical motorcycle. Their aim is to create the worlds fastest electrical motorcycle. With the data released it seems like the can walk the talk. Claiming a top speed of 240 km/h and a range of 240 km, they have a strong tool winning the race. Personally I would not be unhappy riding that bike down the cafe, and check the response from the crowd. Special when taking off in a silent and cool way. Well, it might not be right now, as I have a clue there are a price tag making this Mission Impossible for me.


© www.ridemission.com


Electrical motorcycle racing on Isle of Man

The best development is done on the race track, and what is better than to start development of the future e-bike than where the cradle of UK motorcycle racing is? Yup - Isle of Man. But you better hurry up and book your ticket, as the race is on June 12th 2009. The race is called "Time Trials Extreme Grand Prix" and in total there will be 19 bikes racing. All focus is on enhancing the experience level, so producing the next generation of motor bikes in a more user-friendly form. Check the link. www.ttxgp.com They have a video of some electrical motor cycles on the track, and what a strange sound they make. I am sure the new sound those e-bikes make will give the spectators the right mysterious feeling. Just be careful about the sound - you can easily get addicted to it. 

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