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Norway - motorcycle paradise

Saturday, October 17, 2015 @ 12:22

Quick impressions from the land of fiords

Norway is a country that is well known for its pristine wilderness and liberating roads. Throughout our short 800 km tour to the mountains, we had the chance to take on the Lysebotn road. It is considered to be one of the most scenic routes in Europe. The road includes 27 downhill hairpin turns and a 1.1 km long tunnel with 3 switchbacks! And all of that just over a 30 km stretch of nicely maintained tarmac-like road.

The exciting Lysebotn road

Tourstart already has over 150 motorcycle tours posted in Norway. It is obviously a common destination for many adventurous riders. However, this time I decided to combine several of my passions into one, hence our riding-camping-hiking tour. From Northern Denmark to the picturesque Kjerag bolten peak and the renown Lysebotn road.
Kjerag bolten - a phenomenon worth the hike
As soon as we left the ferry, green Kristiansand met us with its numerous parks and nearby forests. Whereas immaculate roads and marvelous landscapes began right outside of the city limits. Rivers, mountains, waterfalls, you name it - Norway has it all. Although that does come at a cost – we did get stuck behind caravan drivers several times... Thousands of adventure seeking tourists visit the country each year.

While on the topic of traveling around Norway and enjoying its nature to the fullest, its lands are full of great camping spots. More and more motorcyclists tend to bring tents along to indulge in a camping experience. Hundreds of riders drive to Norway from all over Europe. We met plenty of Germans, Danes, Swedes, Brits just over the course of three days. Some, fully equipped, were on their way to the North Cape, while others took their old-timers for a spin in the calm Norwegian countryside landscape.

Free camping in beautiful surroundings

Despite the amazing curved mountain roads, riders planning a tour to Norway should be aware of the fact that the country is among the top 3 most expensive European nations. Prices of fuel, food and accommodation may surprise some. The nice thing, though, is that we, 2-wheeled knights are spared the road tax. Plus, ferry crossings are usually cheaper for riders, too!

The MC crowd is gathering

All in all, we loved our short tour to Norway. It was utterly fulfilling – everything from the friendly sheep in the mountains to the amazing roads was brilliant. If you happen to have the chance to visit the land of the trolls, I highly recommend you to do so. And I am absolutely sure you will enjoy yourself even if you ride  a small/old motorbike and will have to answer the question 'How the hell did you make it here on THAT?' every day. As the saying goes: 'no matter the age or size, bikes don't leak oil, they simply mark their territory'.

Inspiring places to be seen

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