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Beta release of www.tourstart.org

Saturday, April 3, 2010 @ 14:39

Motorcyclists web site for routes and events

We are now ready to welcome motorcyclists who are willing to become beta tester on www.tourstart.org. We have now been devloping the web site for pretty long, and we need some fresh eyes on the result before we go public live. Avoiding bugs are not realistic, why we ask 50 beta users per country to check out the web site for us, so when it is open, the major bugs are removed.




The functions on the web site are:

Event - Share your motorcycle event with fellow bikers. Download GPS formats and PDF of the activity

Tours - Share your favorite motorcycle tour with fellow bikers. Download GPS formats and PDF of the tour

BikeClub - Create your bike club, and create activities and tours linked to the bike club.

Later I will get back with more detailed information.

Welcome to www.tourstart.org,

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