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End of the season - end of the good mood?

Monday, October 12, 2009 @ 21:26

Approaching autumn and winter

I am not a fan of this period of the year. The motorcycle season is getting to an end, and we miss the sun on the latitude where I live. It is though to see the darkness, and automatically I start to sleep more. Well, this is not only bad, as this gives me a great opportunity to dream more about the forthcomming season.. I would like to live in Cape Town, South Africa, as I have been there several times. Great country, great temperatures and Killarny Race track located just outside the city means some entertainment are assured. OK - it might get a bit hot in the summertime, but I can live with it.  Did anybody mention sunny California as a good alternative? Never been there, but sourly sounds great. 

Read motorbike magazines

Many motorcycle magazines print more issues during the winter time, and this is also the period new bikes are launched. All in all it can end up in a mouth water dribbling affair. No matter how glad you are for your current bike, the human nature drag us in the direction of wanting just this new one - then we are all happy. Many hours are spend on this - while doing your thing at the toilet.

Visit motorcycle exhibitions

Getting serious? Go the the exhibitions. Then more benefits appear, you can take as many pictures of the - often very nice and smiling - young ladies watching after the motorcycles. But, have you never noticed how often the ladies try to cover up the motorcycle, making it virtually impossible to take a good "clean" shot of the bike? Getting in between your camera and the bike? Annoying, hu?

Wash your bike

This is so boring - yet necessary. Many hard core bikers write long articles about washing, drying and polishing. Not to forget oil change, oil filter change and new spark plugs...... Let us skip the subject, and go to next issue. You know what to do.

Get inspired by a good motorcycle book

Are you the type reading books? Many good options to read and spend some time on. Special in the period approaching christmas, by coincidence we see many new books launched. Strange??

Visit your favorite web sites and discuss biker life

So much inspiration can be found on the web. Just join e.g. Facebook, and you can start spending hours on meeting friends, discussing and exchanging experiences. Also I enjoy visiting the motorcycle manufactures web site to get updated, or to search for some new fun destinations.

Watch some motorcycle stuff on the TV

TV is always a great time spender, so why not conside some real motorcycle stuff. Road racing or see how the guys at Orange County Choppers build nice bikes - and enjoy talking, yelling and expose their lack of familary feelings to each other.

Purchase some new gear

Need a new helmet? Hmm - just as there are new bikes, there are new gears to look for. The gear you got ain´t going to last forever, so it might be this winter you must exchange it. Also a strange phenomenon takes place quite regulary. Specially with the jacket. They shrink. And at the same time the wife and frinds starts to talk about fintess centre, jogging and other swetting activites.

Buy some aftermarket stuff for your bike

Only christmas once a year. Spoil yourself and get some new stuff for the bike. A lightweight and more noicy exhaust, carbon stuff or some titanium bolts. All the goodies you are not going to find under the christmas tree. Just a perfect way to spend when having a few days off, is to mount the newly aquired stuff on the bike, and enjoy the new look.

Go down the motorcycle club

See a video, pic from last tour and get a beer or two. Just keep in mind, that alcohol and driving means that you might not see the next season from the front seat of your bike. Besides that, the life down the club house among the old bike magazines and even older stories are always worth the trip.

Plan your next desitnation

Many bikers are very generous in sharing their adventures and good advices. This is a nice way to get inspired for new destinations. Then promise your self, next year you am going to take the ride of a lifetime, so you really can feel life is good to you.

No matter how you are going to spend the winter - enjoy life

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