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Motorcycle design

Sunday, May 15, 2011 @ 11:53

Motorcycle design has changed over time

The past has shown many motorcycle designs which we can either regret were ever made, or be thrilled that the manufactures had the guts to produce. Killiger & Freund make this motorcycle which were front wheel driven, so the engine were mounted inside the front wheel. Pretty cool and innovative, but where to put the wife and the luggage for the long motorcycle tour?

Never mind, the design is nice and it will be great in any motorcycle collection.

Killinger & Freund

Majestic motorcycle 

The French has always been strong in specialized design, and this Majestic supports this. Here is the space for the luggage at least. But is it a torpedo designer who liked motorcycle, or is it just me...

WW2 motorcycle

During WWII there were also a need for motorcycles, and they were delivered in a parachute container. Pretty neat solution. Will be great on the camping site or at a rally. Might not impress the crowd when trying to make a burner....

Do we need this design? Some designers had a good time and made a proposal how the future motorcycle can look like, but I am not too convinced. On the other hand, now anybody can do a wheelie.

Finally, we do not know if the motorcycle continues being so popular, why this might be an option. Or, if you just cannot decide whether to buy a car or a motorcycle, and will not spend the money on buying one of each.

Motorcycle and Ferrari

No matter which motorcycle you choose you can always get some good experiences for taking it for a ride. Some of the motorcycles are of course better than other for holiday destinations, where not all will be perfect for a MC USA tour. 

Have a safe ride,

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