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Extreme experience

Saturday, September 26, 2009 @ 16:59

Extreme motorcycle destinations

Long time no blog... This time I will like to write a bit about extreme experience. There are no problems with a long tour from Denmark to Italy, passing 1 000 km of German highway. That I have tried, and it was great.I have found interest in special places to go, and I admire the bikers who thinks untraditional. 


Untraditioal thinking is just the case with Elena who runs the www.angelfire.com, describing her tour to Chernobyl nuclear power plant on her Kawasaki. It is facinating to read about the time pocket in the closed area, the nature and just how everything was abandoned and just left. See the pictures and read about the people still living there- yep pretty amazing people still living there. For whatever reason Google earth does not allow you to see the area, why it is good some tourists share their pictures with the rest of us. I will feel comfortable going there on a trip to see this important part of our history, and hopefully one day I will get the chance. To get an impression of the area, check out the video she made.

Sahara cross on a Honda TransAlp

One of my friends - Svend - crossed Sahara on a Honda TransAlp back in 1990. Please rewind you technological watch to those days, and count the numbers of GPS devices helping you to find the right direction? 

Well - same result as me - close to zero.

He took a decision and then just fired up the bike and started in Denmark, passing Marocco and ending up in Kenya, hoping the road map was not lost during the trip. When he showed me the pictures and told us about the tour, I was facinated. The nature , the hazzle and the experience is a once in a life time which I relly liked. I have been in South Africa several times, and the flight route is just above Sahara. Not surpricingly there are no clouds, why it is possible to get a good overview from the height of 10 km. I am glued to the windows crossing the Sahara, and dreams just takes me down there on a motor cycle.

The colours and the landscape looks really facinating. Of course it is harsh environment, but not impossible to be in.  Check out those two German guys who took the motorcycle and drove it to Kenya. Also it is  a great opportuniy to enhance your German language skills.

Get moving

I will keep dreaming and keep admiring the folks who just do it. Now I focus on the www.tourstart.org and this blog, so later it is my hope that I can get some time to go on the trips I dream so much about. And what about Tourstart? This is the same story as there have been for several months - just a small delay, then we will be ready to launch the beta version.. Software developmet is a fragile thing, but we are getting closer.

Have a safe ride,

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