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BikerBed - Certified Motorcycle Accomodation

Sunday, July 5, 2015 @ 07:08

Certified Motorcycle Accomodation

In the Lleida Region in Catalonia, which is in the northern part of Spain, accomodations and other services are certified motorcycle accomodations. The Tourist Board took a good an important decision to certify the hotels - and the unique project is called "Moturisme Ara Lleida"

The project "Moturism Ara Lleida" consist in the creation  and promotion of  a seal for tourist quality specialized in motorcycle tourists, which is being implemented in accommodation and other services such as restaurants, museums, motorcycle dealers, motorcycle circuits, etc ... With other words - all you need as a motorcycle rider to have a

Motorcycle movies

Sunday, March 22, 2015 @ 07:49

Great stories on the big screen

As the riding season draws near here, in Scandinavia, I find myself watching more and more motorcycling and riding videos as the cold days go by. Seeing my bike stand in the basement and wait for its turn to roll on the streets is rather grim business after all... As the chilly winds keep blowing outside, I decide to join some of the well-known stories of modern knights and passionate adventurers.

With this series of articles I intend to take you through some of the movies that I enjoy most, ones that are both inspiring and inviting – each in its own way. I shall point out what caught my attention and what I found most interesting in the stories. However, beware of the

Ecuador - crusing along Vulcano Alley

Saturday, February 21, 2015 @ 07:22

Cruising along the Volcano Alley

Having just put my bike into the basement for winter storage I keep catching myself thinking about my time in Ecuador. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to rent a motorbike for a couple of days and take in the amazing atmosphere of Ecuador. No wonder why the nation’s motto is “Ecuador ama la vida” (Ecuador loves life) – the country is full of opportunities to enjoy oneself. I hope that with this article I will add Ecuador to your bucket list!

No credit = no fun

My experience started with finding motorcycle rental shop that offers their services in English. There is more or less one reputable service in the capital,

USA MC tour from Orlando to Key West

Sunday, January 4, 2015 @ 08:44

Motorcykel holiday on a Harley Davidson in the USA is the dram for many bikers. Follow Rolf and the good expeiences he got riding a brand new HD from Orlando to Key West. 

Rolf only had a few days available for the ride in the USA, but that was also sufficient to get a lot of good experiences on the HD.

Thursday November 27.th 2014 at 04h30 the journey started from Aalborg, Denmark via Amsterdam, Holland and Atlanta before the final destination - Orlando - was reached 16h30 local time. It was a long journey and a lot of airports.

House rental
Before the departure from Denmark, I noticed an advert in the Harley Davidson club magazine, with an advert for renting a house i

Winter is coming

Friday, November 21, 2014 @ 21:34

It is time to discuss something that many of us who live farther from the equator would love to avoid. Yes, I am talking about winters and potential ends of riding season. We might not like them but they come each year nonetheless. So, as I see it, we are better off making the most of the off season.

With this article I will try to discuss several issues that riders encounter each winter:


How to occupy yourself in winter while the bike is napping?

Starting the bike throughout the winter causes never ending discussions among riders. No one will stop you from hearing your beast sing once more. Just if you do choose to start it up, do it responsively – keep the idling for some time until the engine heats up.

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